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Convert Records to CDs
Media Conversion Radio & Television Shows

We convert vinyl records to CDs, and cassette tapes to CDs using state-of-the-art equipment, computers and the very best industry software: Sonnox Oxford Restore. A big thank you to Sonnox.
Prices range from $10-$40 each album depending on services requested. Services include: - separating out tracks - printing album name and song list directly onto the CD and audio restoration. For every 10 albums, you get one processed for free.
Once the process is complete, extra CDs are only $1.50 each! All income generated goes towards our non-profit organization's goal to empower youth.

Music and interviews that we have recorded play on radio and television including:

104.9FM ( and Clear Channel
Channel 26 on Comcast Cable: Wednesday 10:30-11pm, Thursday 8:30-9pm, Saturday 8:00-8:30pm, Sunday 8:30-9pm
Channel 14 on Charter Cable: Thursday 9-10pm
Government Channels: Comcast 7 and Charter 19
AT&T U-verse



My name is Maureen Hall and I was privileged to have directed a woman's chorus called "Mothers of Note".  Over the years we made 15 records.  Brenda Francis and Modesto Sound converted the records to CD's. The CD's are even better than the original records.  They are beautiful.  The CD's were produced on a timely basis and all agreements with Modesto Sound were done in a very business like way.

I recommend Modesto Sound and Brenda Francis to everyone.

Convert Tape to CD and Convert Record to CD

CD & DVD Duplication

$10 one time artwork fee

$1.50 each disc (in paper sleeve)

$1.75 each in gem case

Media Conversion Software Donated by Sonnox Oxford

Thank you to Sonnox for their generous donation of audio restoration software.
This enables us to professionally convert records and tapes to CD.

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