Past Live Shows

Places we have provided sound at include


Grizzly Rock Turlock PA

Grizzly Rock Cafe

KCSS 91.9FM Fundraiser


Deva Cafe Modesto

Deva Cafe

On Stage: House of Orange


Tuolumne River

Green on the Stream, Tuolumne River Trust. On Stage: Big Earl & The Crying Shame


Modesto Conference

Stanislaus County Martin Petersen Event Center

Modesto Sound's Teen Fest


Salida Town & Country Fair

Salida Town & Country Fair

On Stage: Matthew Torres


Riverbank Cheerleaders

Riverbank High School

After School Program Celebration for the County


La Loma Park Modesto Events

La Loma Park

Neighborhood Park Dedication Ceremony
Modesto Sound Founder, Brenda Francis with Lindsay Pearce who sang the National Anthem at the event.

Lindsay Pearce Modesto Glee



Pacific Concerte:

University of Pacific

On stage: Latin Magic


MTV Made Modesto Dance-OFf

Davis High School: MTV Made Dance-Off

On stage: Emily Bruce with Austin McGill during MTV Made Episode


Gregori High Music
Gregori High School

On stage: Myosin


The Josh Rosenblum Band

Material Grill

On Stage: The Josh Rosenblum Band

Riverbank Plaza

On Stage: Vib Ribbon


Downtown Modesto 10th Street Plaza

On stage: Casanova Fights Adonis

Mancini Bowl

On stage: Joni loves Sydney


Gallo Center for the Arts Plaza

Crew under tarp during rain showers.


 Funworks Concert Local Artists

The Cottons perform outside at our Funworks Concert.

Queen Bean Coffee House

On Stage: Kymatics perform at the Food 4 Music Event