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Free After School Program: Learn Audio Job Skills

Modesto Sound offers an internship program called The Job Circle. It is open to students from any school in the area and is supported by volunteers, grants, and donations. Students learn skills that are useful at any job such as verbal and written communication, teamwork, general job etiquette, plus skills specific to the audio industry. This internship becomes a work and college application reference.
The Job Circle is similar to the Circle of Life. At Modesto Sound new interns receive mentoring from experienced interns. Later they will be the experienced ones mentoring others. This keeps the program sustainable and lively.

We welcome new interns, volunteers, and sponsors!
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We also give free 45 minute music technology presentations to area schools and work with Girl Scout troops to earn their media badges. Here's a recent thank you from the Girl Scouts.

Brenda –
I just want to let you know, how deeply grateful I am that you are working with our Girl Scout Troop.  You are so patient with the Girls and they are learning so much from you.  Thank you for your passion, patience, and ability to work with youth groups.  The girls are garnering so much from you that they do not even realize. The last two weeks have been amazing. Thank you again. Kristi Engel Co-Leader Troop #2225


Audio Engineering
Intern Erika Brown
had the unique opportunity to record
NASA Astronaut Jose Hernandez!

Check out Erika's Video about her experience at Modesto Sound

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