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music internship

"The sound board doesn't scare me anymore; I don't feel like I'm going to blow up everything when I touch it."
- Connor Mix
University of Pacific Student & Live Sound Workshop Participant

To be considered for interning or being a volunteer, please fill out this form and mail or bring it in.

Download an intern application.

Download a volunteer application.


The Job Circle

We developed this program after moving to a public High school.

High school students intern at Modesto Sound, gain job skills (communication, teamwork, audio production, clerical, etc.) and earn "studio dollars". The "studio dollars" can be used for Modesto Sound services such as recording, music lessons and recording arts camps.

Experienced high school student interns provide the services (along with part-time staff and volunteers) and in turn become mentors to other students. Eventually they leave for full-time work or college (with the help of our references) and The Job Circle continues with a rotation of students.

Vernoica and Claudia taking a test on music industry terms during their Modesto Sound internship.

"I will never forget the summer of 2010 for many reasons, but the one memory I will always cherish is that of my internship at Modesto Sound. I had absolutely no idea what to expect since I had never been in a professional environment before and had little experience with the technical side of music. What I found out was that the people and the program were very flexible and helpful in teaching all of the interns about live sound, the recording process, among many other things. The experience and knowledge I gained at Modesto Sound has aided me even past the internship. My choir teacher needed some people to sing at a football game and we were able to set up a condenser mic instead of a dynamic mic and the choir sounded awesome! I'll never forget what I learned or the time I spent at Modesto Sound!"

Veronica dela Fuente - Modesto High School Student

Recording Arts Music Campers experience behind the scenes at the Gallo Center for the Arts with Brian Svoboda.

Radio Team volunteer, Dan Vallerand

Brenda, Brian, and Jeremy led a Live Sound
Workshop at University of Pacific.
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