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Who What Where When Why - Mission Statement

We are a group of volunteers, industry professionals, and youth mentors.

Many of us have our photos displayed below.


We are a non-profit professional recording studio.

In addition, we offer supplemental services in audio, video and live sound while providing job training to youth.

We are open to everyone in the community; all ages, all schools; and all types of music.


Modesto Sound is located at a public school:

Gregori High
Building B
3701 Pirrone Road
Modesto CA 95356

Our mailing address is:
POB 117 Salida CA 95368

Open since 2005.

Recording Arts Camps take place during most winter, spring and summer breaks.

Internship and volunteer positions are year round.

Music lessons and radio team are held after school.

Free community concerts are given throughout the year. Recording and media transfer is by appointment.

Brenda opened the studio to work with teens and record their music; that was the start of Modesto Sound.

Her vision grew to encompass our current mission statement: Empower youth to create music and artistic media through access to internships, industry experts, and professional equipment, and to become mentors to other youth.

Our Board of Directors meets monthly to help steer the way. They came up with many great ideas like having Youth Job Training and Recording Arts Camps!

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To arrange for a tour of our facility, or send us a quick note

Use our Handy Contact Form CLICK HERE

Modesto Sound Board of Directors and Staff Summer of 2012

Volunteer Advisory Committee

Back row l-r: Kenneth Penn, CPA; Lucky Lew, Producer & Engineer; Ann Kline, Artist & Parent Advocate;
Eric Benson, Musician, Promoter & Educator; (red-shirt) Brenda Francis, Founder & Engineer
Front row l-r: Mark Oesau, Modesto Sound Intern Program Graduate, Student, Artist & Engineer; Matthew Torres, Modesto Sound Artist and Social Worker; Rocky Rodriguez, Studio Manager; and Alex Francis Marketing Specialist & Economist.
Committee members not shown in this photo are Annette Hika: Parent Advocate & Media Specialist, Melanee Wyatt YES Company Founder and Dan Bryan Music Chair for Modesto City Schools.


Modesto Sound Board of Directors in 2011 with Jingle Contest Winners

Youth Services in Modesto

Left to right: Matt Torres, Dan Bruce, Ann Kline,
Brenda Francis, Mark Oesau, Melanee Wyatt
Other advisory board members not shown here are Alex Francis, Annette Hika, Dan Bryan & Ken Penn.

Front row are Jingle Contest Winners: Cherub & Neil.
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